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Topic: Graduation Standards

2014 Session Summary: Education


'Sharia law', education and tax cut bills reach Scott's desk

Montford files a time out bill for school grades

Session Outlook 2014: Education

Stewart briefs board on proposed school grades changes

Common Core: the standard that dares not speak its name

Immigrant tuition bill back for another session

Lawmakers say it adds up to teach financial literacy in high school

Legg sees high school grad standards as ed panel's priority

Graduation requirements not aligned with Common Core

Florida gets a new leader for state universities

Common Core tour finds willing audiences

Chamber, legislative leaders promote ambitious agenda despite election year

Common Core public hearings scheduled

Commissioner wants teachers to speak up

Scott puts brakes on Common Core test, wants new search

Core supporters to step up and explain

Common Core: School grades open fault line among reformers

Common Core: Opposition continues to grow

Statewide education summit on Common Core, school grading begins