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Topic: Commissioner of Education

The politics of Common Core

AIR to replace FCAT

Montford files a time out bill for school grades

Session Outlook 2014: Education

DOE releases performance scores for teachers

Board adopts education standards after nearly 3 hours of public testimony

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Stewart releases new school-grading formula

Education commissioner wants simpler school grading formula

Common Core clean-up bill leaves foes with 'perception of deception'

Common Core: the standard that dares not speak its name

Board renames academic standards

Stewart releases proposed Common Core revisions, fields questions

Commissioner proposes changes to Common Core

Governor promises 'Florida standards' for curriculum

Education commissioner expects to pick new test in March

Stewart to provide update on education standards and assessments

Superintendents want more prep time for Common Core

Common Core tour finds willing audiences

DOE communication plan for standards avoids Common Core references