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Topic: Charter Schools

Proposed $77.1 billion budget delivered to lawmakers, commencing the 72-hour cooling off period

House and Senate agree to $499 million in PECO capital projects

House charter school contracting bill heads for the Senate

House charter school contracting proposal moves for final vote

Senate waters down its charter school contract bill

Charter School contract bill heads for final stop

Session Outlook 2014: Education

Survey says teachers are not the problem

Lawmaker bemoans lopsided PECO spending

Gaetz wants more CAPE, Weatherford more opportunity scholarships

Senator wants to tighten charter school focus

Florida talks Common Core

Standard contract for charter schools on schedule

Core supporters to step up and explain

School accountability and a fascinating use of napkins

PECO'S Promise: PECO's cupboards remain bare

Auditor General report shows charter schools with budget problems

Jeb talks education at ALEC conference

Turlington Building closed Thursday

Bennett steps down, calls Indiana reports malicious