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Topic: Hospitals

Session summary: Legislature struggles to agree on overhauls for nurses, physician assistants and telemedicine


Sine Die disconnects telemedicine, lawmakers fail to address trauma dispute

Senate bounces omnibus medical bill back to House, removes telemedicine regulations

A 74-42 vote sends medical omnibus bill to Senate

Omnibus medical bill set for House vote

Duval delegation warns of hospital cuts

A weakened telemedicine bill passes second committee

Bill expanding medical powers for nurses passes Senate committee

House physician assistants bill passes first committee

House Judiciary discusses medical malpractice claim overhaul

League of Women Voters teams with Tampa Chamber on behalf of ACA

Bill would expand Kidcare coverage

Shands settles with U.S.

2013 Session Summary: Health Care

Villages get retirement home, Gaetz a trauma center

Trauma bill is on life support

Agreement on DRGs closes out Health Care budget

FMA, HCA Florida team up in Tallahassee

Senate panel ponders junking no-fault auto insurance

Thurston: Foot-dragging on Medicaid will cost state money and lives