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Topic: Claims Bills

Bill raising caps on sovereign immunity claims moves in the House

Move to increase sovereign immunity caps on local governments gets first House review

19 relief bills filed as first Senate bills for 2013 session

Most readers say claims bill process needs change

Gov. Scott signs Brody, 8 other claims bills

2012 session summary: Justice and Courts

House passes Brody, other high-profile claims bills

Lobbyists seen as essential to high-stakes claims bill process

Dillon, Brody claims bills continue House trek

Brody, Dillon claims bills clear first House committee

House to take up Brody claims bill but cap attorney's fees

Senate passes two claims bills on first day of session

Cannon refuses to take position on claims bill backed by Haridopolos

Senate president vows to pass Brody claims bill in coming session

Senate panel approves largest claims bills in state history

Senate panel passes a handful of claims bills