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Topic: Prescription Drugs

House approves marijuana extract


2014 Meltdown Watch: Are there bills that could lead to a late blow-up?

Bill defining relationship between pharmacy benefit managers and pharmacies expected to pass

Omnibus medical bill set for House vote

Senate bill to expand Step Therapy medication plan clears final committee

Experts to meet on impact of pharmaceutical drug bill on state workers insurance

Lawmakers discuss medical marijuana implementation

House bill increasing number of pharmacy technicians passes final committee

Bill expanding medical powers for nurses passes Senate committee

Senate bill offering more powers to nurses goes before first committee

Two bills would give pharmacies armor against benefit managers

After three years, bid protest dismissed over state pharmaceutical contract

Bradley writes constituents about Charlotte's Web

FDLE arrests chemist in drug-tampering case

FDLE investigating one of its chemists

Parents plead for medical marijuana variant; lawmakers concur

Drug war: Groups fight over state pharmaceutical contract

Sen. Hays promotes medical teams idea to relieve physician shortage

Medical marijuana cost still puzzles state analysts

Rich supports medical marijuana; Crist says voters should decide; GOP wants it off ballot