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Topic: Affordable Housing

Smaller sweep for affordable housing trust fund this year

House budget would sweep affordable housing funds

Realtors, homebuilders call on lawmakers not to raid affordable housing trust fund

Housing sales see slight October increase despite shutdown, flood insurance woes

Foreclosure starts jump as Florida tops troubled home list again

Scott signs foreclosure settlement spending plan

Home and condo sales surge in April, boosted by cash deals

Legislature passes $200 million foreclosure settlement spending package

Expedited foreclosure bill clears House

Senate moves closer to House on foreclosure settlement spending

Florida tops foreclosure list again for first quarter of 2013

Sen. Soto, housing advocates rail against foreclosure bill, settlement spending plans

House, Senate differ in approach to foreclosure settlement money

Foreclosure speed-up bill continues House trek; courts ask for funding to tackle backlog

2013 Session Outlook: Real Estate and Growth Management

Expedited foreclosure bill begins House trek

Rep. Passidomo to try again with bill to speed up foreclosure process

Funds flow to foreclosure aid, but distressed homes to remain drag on Florida

Florida home and condo sales, prices shoot up in December

Budget panel signs off on $60 million in foreclosure settlement funds