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Utilities and Energy

Objections simmer as Putnam's energy bill would eliminate solar rebate program


Crist says Scott is a cloud blocking solar energy in Florida

Paper or plastic? Bill to lift ban on plastic bag ordinances temporarily passed after debate

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House, Senate pass memorials supporting coal, raising concerns about federal regulations

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Brandes says solar conversation should continue after Workman says House bills are likely dead

Simpson wants to meet with Hays on conflicting bills to address water utility complaints

Renewable energy bills backed by Putnam appear dead in the House

Bills would prevent cities and counties from banning fuel terminals

'Reclaimed' water bills better for environmentalists after a single word is removed

PSC members breeze through first confirmation hearing

Senate bill urging Congress to repeal renewable fuels requirement avoids getting killed

House panel supports Keystone XL pipeline

Putnam's energy tax cut would divert less to PECO

Florida joins federal lawsuit against BP for 2010 oil spill

Bills extending renewable energy tax exemption to commercial properties clears first Senate stop

Senator Soto, DEP trade letters over Everglades oil drilling concerns

Session Outlook 2014: Environment and Natural Resources

Group calls on Legislature to review nuclear cost recovery law amid focus on FPL's St. Lucie plant