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Lobbying and Ethics

Coalition urges passage of ethics, open government bills


Bills establishing sunset review for agency support groups moving despite concerns

Legislators and staff dine on giant pot of paella

Brandes says solar conversation should continue after Workman says House bills are likely dead

Integrity Florida wants Enterprise Florida investigated

Senate Rules panel approves residency definition

Chamber unveils tax cuts, tort and pension changes, and anti-casino agenda

Pension changes, lobbyist audits included in Gaetz-Weatherford work plan

Fresen's case before Ethics Commission

Drug war: Groups fight over state pharmaceutical contract

Political documents included in 2095 time capsule

Ballard Partners adds to lineup

Ethics commission offers advice on use of office

Ethics Commission rejects Fresen stipulation

Lobbyists post quarterly earnings

Liberal groups bemoan lobbying by conservative think tanks

Joint panel adopts lobbying audit rules

Ethics Commission wants more time for Fresen case

Chamber poll shows even split on casinos

Author says voters want bold new leaders