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Budget and Taxes

Work remains on joint 'work plan' as items stumble in Senate

Some want DEP to pick up the pace on petroleum site cleanups

Duval delegation warns of hospital cuts

Final weeks: Weatherford's big ideas, trains and budget talks

Negron: Budget conference meetings to begin on April 21

A 'patchwork of awesomeness' or 'broad-based' tax cuts?

Senate, House differ widely on water projects spending

Teamsters seek "pay parity" raises for prison staff

Bill to further shrink Citizens clears Senate panel

House, Senate apart on spending to battle citrus greening, pests while raises sought for firefighters

House and Senate adopt separate plans to spend $75 billion

House, Senate advance tax cut plans

Scott signs $395 million vehicle fee cut

At session's midway point, Scott, Legislature look to avoid controversy

Brandes says solar conversation should continue after Workman says House bills are likely dead

Democracy in action? The problem is the budget process not the spending, House Democrat says

House, Senate budgets incredibly close - will Democrats get extremely loud?

Renewable energy bills backed by Putnam appear dead in the House

Unknown company to get $21 million to expand in Brevard

House, Senate differ sharply over agricultural water spending in their budget proposals