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Law Enforcement and Public Safety

House sends gun bill to Senate

House advances gun bill

Teamsters seek "pay parity" raises for prison staff

Senate panel votes to create absconder "strike force"

Senate passes "warning shot" legislation

Scott signs four sexual predator laws

Lawmakers discuss medical marijuana implementation

Senate stalls red light camera ban

House passes "threatened use of force" bill

Senate Panel Approves "Stand Your Ground" Changes

House passes tougher sexual predator bills

Marchers protest "Stand Your Ground"

Juvenile sentencing bill advances

Dream Defenders shake the Capitol on opening day

Senate passes tougher sexual predator bills

Senate panel approves warning shot bill

"Unborn Victims of Violence Act" passes House panel

Black lawmakers, clergy call for study of 'stand your ground'

Session Outlook 2014: Law and Order

Sexual predator bills package sails through House Appropriations