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Health Care

Duval delegation warns of hospital cuts

Final weeks: Weatherford's big ideas, trains and budget talks

House introduces less restrictive Telemedicine plan in omnibus health care bill

A weakened telemedicine bill passes second committee

Senate bill to expand Step Therapy medication plan clears final committee

Budget forecasters confirm cost of the pharmacy bill, which would be paid by the state

Experts to meet on impact of pharmaceutical drug bill on state workers insurance

Senate passes nursing home lawsuit bill

Senate telemedicine bill clears first committee; panelists question accountability

Lawmakers discuss medical marijuana implementation

Senate telemedicine plan before first committee of reference Tuesday

Prescription insurance overhaul bill to go before Senate Banking and Insurance

Bill would change late-term abortion threshold

House bill increasing number of pharmacy technicians passes final committee

Nursing home lawsuit bill heads for Senate vote

Bill expanding medical powers for nurses passes Senate committee

Senate panel approves medical marijuana bill

Senate bill offering more powers to nurses goes before first committee

Two bills would give pharmacies armor against benefit managers

Sen. Nelson says he's working on a Medicaid expansion plan