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Committee approves "non-euphoric" medical marijuana use

Rep. Travis Huston, left, listens to Rep. Cary Pigman, a physician, argue in support of allowing the use of "non-euphoric" marijuana extract to treat seizures. Photo: Bill Cotterell

The House Crimminal Justice Subcommittee Wednesday approved a medicinal marijuana bill which would allow patients suffering from severe seizures to get prescriptions for a "non-euphoric" marijuana extract.

The 11-1 vote for the proposal (HB 843) by subcommittee chairman Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, and Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation, followed testimony by parents who told of promising results in Colorado, where a cannabis extract known as "Charlotte's Web" has shown good results for some children with epilepsy. The pending bill is not related to the constitutional amendment on the November ballot, to legalize medical prescription of marijuana smoking for some disabling afflictions and conditions.

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